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June 12, 2023

What Is Postural Restoration?

What Is Postural Restoration?

What is Postural Restoration?

Postural Restoration is based on the premise that our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical. We tend to believe our left arm is as long as our right arm, our legs are the same length and everything is uniform, but that’s not entirely the case. The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right.

“This system asymmetry is a good thing and an amazing design. The human body is balanced through the integration of system imbalances. The torso, for example, is balanced with a liver on the right and a heart on the left. Extremity dominance is balanced through reciprocal function; i.e. left arm moves with right leg and vice versa” according to PRI. 

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) credentialed professionals, like Team Elite Chiropractic, recognize these imbalances and create a system of exercises that take some of those imbalances and restore normal movement. 

What are the Benefits of PRI?

PRI uses simple exercises that don’t require a lot of equipment, and help restore the body to proper motion, proper breathing patterns, proper gate, ect. PRI is one of the tools in our toolbox that we leverage to restore the body to elicit proper movement, similar to how we utilize cupping, scraping, taping, and adjustments. All these tools ensure we optimize movement and eliminate pain and discomfort. 

We typically utilize PRI exercises as part of the take-home exercises for patients. Incorporating PRI into the treatment plan is low risk for patients, it’s not going to cause pain or discomfort, it will just activate certain muscles that are inhibited and use breathwork to help move the body into the desired position. Overall, implementing PRI into daily life improves recovery from training, sleep quality, sleep duration, and quality of life. 

What do PRI exercises look like?

This brief 3-minute video by Luke Worthington breaks down the simple exercises routine of Postural Restoration.

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