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October 7, 2022

5 Ways Chiropractors Reduce Sports-Related Injuries

5 Ways Chiropractors Reduce Sports-Related Injuries

Chiropractors are a key component in maximizing sports performance and reducing injuries. In this article, we will address 5 significant ways Team Elite Chiropractic reduces sports-related injuries.

Addressing Spinal Misalignment

If there are any restrictions within the spine, it’s going to affect how the whole body functions. To generate movement in the arms or legs, the spine and core are recruited. The spine essentially serves as the center point for all of the body's movement. If there’s a misalignment in the spine or segments are not moving optimally, then we tend to compensate for it in other areas. 

For example, if the thoracic spine is stuck and stiff, we could see ribs that subluxate, and neck or lower back pain as we overcompensate for the areas of the spine that aren’t moving properly. 

Addressing the spine is one of the most important parts of what we do as chiropractors. 

Enhancing Range of Motion 

You need mobility before you do anything else. In our practice, we screen our new patients with Selected Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to assess movement and ask the questions “is the movement functional?” and “is it painful?” to give us a complete picture of how someone moves, what hurts, and how we can address the underlying causes. 

Our stance is that mobility trumps stability. We need to get a patient moving before we can strengthen them. With a lack of mobility, the potential for injury substantially increases. For our athletes, we are looking to find what areas of the body are not moving optimally and to restore range of motion through adjustments, soft tissue work, laser therapy, and exercises.

On-going Maintenance of Pre-existing Conditions

There’s a rule in healthcare: the most common predictor of injury is prior injury. We always want to work on previous injuries and conditions because our bodies are constantly being used and therefore continually changing. On-going maintenance helps us address where you are on any given day and what changes in your range of motion may have occurred. Ensuring we monitor and treat pre-existing conditions allows us to stay ahead of any re-injury that may occur. 

Diverse Technology and Tools

By having more tools in the toolbox we can address different injuries and people in a variety of ways. Far beyond just the typical chiropractic adjustments, we can leverage soft tissue techniques and laser therapy to provide a more comprehensive approach to chiropractic care. 

There’s a 3-prong approach we leverage when working with our patients:

  • Evidence-based: there is substantial evidence that every tool and technique we utilize is effective in treating injuries and reducing pain.
  • Doctor preference: based on pain level and area of the body, we may prefer different techniques to achieve the best results. For example, we prefer Laser Therapy for acute injuries, Active Release Technique (ART) in small targeted areas, Cupping on large muscles, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) in tendentious related injuries. 
  • Patient preference: not all patients are comfortable with every technique we have to offer, for example, some patients may be averse to adjustments or cupping. By having several different methodologies, we can achieve the same results while factoring in patient preference.

Individualized Targeted Mobility, Stability, and Strengthening Exercises

When we are treating athletic-minded patients at Team Elite, our primary goal is to increase mobility, stabilize the joint, and strengthen the area around it. We bridge the gap between a healthcare provider and a strength and conditioning coach. In addition to our in-office techniques, each patient receives at-home exercises to speed up their recovery. 

If you are experiencing pain or need help monitoring a pre-existing condition, book an appointment today with the experts at Team Elite Chiropractic. 

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