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November 13, 2020

Benefits of Team Elite's Chiropractic Approach

Benefits of Team Elite's Chiropractic Approach

For many people, their experience with chiropractic adjustment has been pretty routine: they tell the chiropractor their issue, undergo a five-minute series of standard spinal adjustments, and end with some heat and electrical stimulation. This process usually repeats several times a week — for either weeks or even months-on-end —  but the issue keeps returning.

The Team Elite approach, however, goes over and beyond patient expectations. Read on to see the benefits of our unique, patient-centered approach — helping thousands of our patients find lasting pain relief and drastic improvements in their daily lives.

Individualized Approach

Here at Team Elite, we avoid a cookie-cutter approach by performing an in-depth evaluation of each patient to form a customized treatment plan based on our assessment. We use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), a clinical tool that assesses quantity and quality of movement, to guide our treatment.

Rather than giving each patient the same series of chiropractic adjustments, we identify areas of restriction, hypermobility, or asymmetry and then treat accordingly. We view the body as an interconnected system of bones, muscles, soft tissue, and fascia that must be taken into consideration when treating a particular area of pain.

For example, you may feel pain in your lower back, but the root cause of the pain may be tightness in your hips and mid-back. If you don’t address these impairments, your back will continue hurting.

While quick five-minute chiropractic adjustments might give you some temporary pain relief, they often fail to address the underlying problems. That means you have to keep coming back again for adjustments. With our approach, we fix the source of the issue, so you don’t have to keep returning every week for months-on-end.

Expertise in Treatment

Our chiropractors expertly employ an array of treatment approaches that extend far beyond traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments. If we find limited movement or asymmetry at a certain joint, we first determine why. 

Causes can stem from restriction in the joint itself, tightness in surrounding muscle and soft tissue, or a motor control problem — where patients cannot effectively access their joint’s available full range of motion.

Treatment of these impairments may involve joint adjustments, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, active release technique, cupping, trigger point massage, or motor control exercises.

Some joints — like knees and low back —  require less mobility and more stability. When these areas exhibit hypermobility, we address the problem using taping, core strengthening, and stabilization exercises to activate the appropriate muscles to protect the joint and prevent excessive movement.  

We further examine lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, and exercise when they present as contributing factors. We choose these treatments based on patient preference and clinical judgment.  We employ multiple approaches to correct impairments as each treatment confers its unique benefits and mechanisms to address the problem.

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