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January 4, 2024

Boost Your Immune System Through Chiropractic Care

Boost Your Immune System Through Chiropractic Care

Winter is the prime cold and flu season. There are several reasons winter is considered cold and flu season. You're more likely to be indoors and closer to others when it's colder outside. Additionally, cold and flu viruses survive better and are more transmissible during cooler, less humid months. 

It’s important to keep your immune system strong this time of year. Having a strong immune system can help:

  • Reduce how frequently you get sick 
  • Increase your ability to fight viruses and bacteria
  • Increase your ability to heal faster and properly from wounds and injuries
  • Increase your ability to recover fully from illnesses

How Stress Affects the Immune System:

Stress creates a hormone called cortisol which, in short bursts, can boost your immunity by limiting inflammation. But over time, your body gets used to having too much cortisol in your blood, which paves the way for more inflammation and can suppress your immune system's ability to fight off invaders. Having a lot of stress over time will decrease your immune system making it more difficult to fight and recover from sickness. 

How Chiropractors Can Alleviate Stress in the Body and Boost Your Immune System: 

Typically when individuals are experiencing stress, they tend to exhibit tightness in their neck, upper traps, and lower back. Through the adjustments and soft tissue work we do at Team Elite, we can reduce the tone of the muscle, promote blood flow, and loosen areas of the body that are locked up, which will help to reduce stress in the body and boost your immune system. 

When patients are experiencing stress and tightness, we implement chiropractic adjustments to loosen up joints that are stuck, cupping to lift the facia and promote blood flow, as well as administer lymphatic massage to help flush lymph through the lymphatic system. 

In addition to the chiropractic care services Team Elite offers, when you visit us at Livkraft in La Jolla or Fitness Quest 10 in Scripps Ranch, you can take advantage of the many health benefits these practices provide. Check out the sauna and red light therapy at Fitness Quest 10  after your chiropractic treatment in Scripps Ranch, or take advantage of the red light therapy, float therapy, infrared sauna, cryotherapy and many other Livkraft services when you visit us in La Jolla. 

Book your appointment today with Team Elite today to strengthen your immune system for this cold and flu season. 

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