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March 5, 2024

Client Success Story – Personal Transformation with Chiropractic Care 

Client Success Story – Personal Transformation with Chiropractic Care 

Check out our latest chiropractor client success story.

  • Age: Mid-40’s 
  • Gender: Male
  • He came to Team Elite experiencing lower back pain that has interfered with his lifestyle. He was having difficulty sitting for prolonged periods, sleeping, and playing with his kids. He had been experiencing a lot of work stress and stopped prioritizing health and fitness. 
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica pain down left leg

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment indicated several issues that informed the treatment plan.  

  • Bending forward and prolonged sitting caused pain in the lower back
  • Hips were stiff and lacked mobility
  • Mid and upper back were stiff and lacked mobility 
Treatment Plan:

Reducing pain and inflammation

  • Laser Therapy Treatment to the lower back to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation in the lower back and sciatica 
  • Cupping on the lower back to loosen up the fascia 

Restoring mobility 

  • Soft tissue work on the upper back and hips so the lower back didn’t have to compensate so much for areas of the back that were stiff and not performing optimally
  • Adjustments on the upper back and hips to loosen up the areas that were stuck and not allowing for proper mobility and alignment 

Core Stability:

  • Exercises to engage muscles around the torso and back 
  • Core exercises to maintain core engagement while bending, twisting, and lifting to stabilize the spine internally and reduce aggravating the lower back 

The patient is pain-free. He continues his chiropractic treatment as maintenance and exercises regularly, but no longer experiences back or sciatica pain. He can comfortably sit for long periods, sleep without pain, and play with his kids again. 

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