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February 24, 2021

Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner: What It Means, How It’s Different, and Why It Matters

Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner: What It Means, How It’s Different, and Why It Matters

Knee injuries, shin splints, and muscle strains represent some of the many common injuries that affect athletes. While these types of injuries can be effectively treated by nearly any chiropractor, a certified chiropractic sports practitioner (CCSP) remains specially trained to help athletes experience a speedy recovery and get back into the game even sooner.

Take a closer look at how treatment with a CCSP differs from that with a traditional chiropractor and how we can deliver the best chiropractic care for athletes and those with sports injuries.

What is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP)?

A CCSP is a chiropractor who has earned additional certification and education in sports injuries and injury prevention. CCSPs get trained to address serious emergencies, including concussions and fractures that may occur during sporting events, and know how to handle these injuries in ways that avoid or minimize the risk of further injury. We also have a thorough understanding of how injured and overly stressed tissues can affect athletic performance.

How Is Chiropractic Treatment Different With a CCSP?

CCSPs provide the same treatments and services as traditional chiropractors, but offer a more targeted approach based on sports safety. CCSPs can accurately diagnose, treat, and help prevent sports injuries, and perform pre-participation physicals that determine whether it’s safe for you or your children to participate in sports and activities based on your range of motion and functional movement. We stay well-versed in the type of rehabilitation exercises you should do following an injury and employ sports nutrition to help you recover more quickly with certain foods and supplements.

Who Can Benefit the Most From Seeing a CCSP?

CCSPs offer the best chiropractic care for athletes and those who enjoy being physically active. However, you don’t necessarily need to be an athlete to benefit from seeing a CCSP. Consider choosing a CCSP if you want to improve your fitness performance and mobility.

You should also consider a CCSP to reduce chronic pain or avoid potential injuries if new to sports or exercise. 

Other benefits to choosing a CCSP include:

  • The opportunity to recover more quickly from injury
  • To receive athletic training guidance
  • Integrate your chiropractic treatment with your current training regimen

Connect with Team Elite Chiropractic — home to a team of highly-skilled chiropractors with CCSP certification. If looking for the best in chiropractic care for athletes, contact us today at 858-633-8036 or book an appointment online.

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