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July 24, 2023

Five Pool Exercises Recommended By Sports Chiropractors To Help Ease Back Pain

Five Pool Exercises Recommended By Sports Chiropractors To Help Ease Back Pain

Oftentimes back pain is the result of weak or inhibited muscles. Exercising in the pool is a powerful low-impact therapeutic tool that can strengthen your back, support your spine, and minimize your risk of injury.

Unlike walking, jogging, or lifting weights, pool workouts are low load-bearing. With these exercises, there is little to no compression on your spine, allowing you to work out without worsening back pain. However, just because the workouts are low load-bearing, does not mean the exercises are less effective. Water is much denser than air, therefore, exercising in water requires more effort than the same exercise on land. Additionally, the resistance provided by the water improves functional strength, flexibility, and cardio health. 

Water Walking

Water walking is a low-impact cardio exercise that is very gentle on your bones and joints. The extra resistance of walking in water allows you to challenge and strengthen your muscles in ways you may not be able to on land. 

Kickboard Balance

The kickboard balance exercise will help strengthen your lower back and increase your stability.

  1. Begin by sitting on a kickboard 
  2. Keep your spine in a straight line and engage your abdominals. Your legs should be resting naturally. Your arms can be raised out to your sides, on your hips, or gently holding the ends of the kickboard
  3. Hold for 60 seconds

Standing Knee Lift

The standing knee lift exercise improves both flexibility and strength in your hips.

  1. Stand with your back against the pool wall
  2. Bend your right knee, bringing your thigh parallel to the water’s surface
  3. Straighten that knee; then bend it again
  4. Repeat with the left knee

Superman Stretch

The Superman stretch is aimed to train pelvic and lumbar spine control, allowing the stiff parts of your spine to loosen up.

  1. Hold onto the edge of the pool with both hands and keep your shoulders wide
  2. Lift your legs up behind you and allow them to float to the surface
  3. Allow the water to support your weight while your vertebrae and back muscles enjoy a full-extension stretch

Underwater Squat

Underwater squats promote body-wide muscle building and improve upper and lower back strength.

  1. Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart
  2. Squat down until you reach a position like you are sitting in a chair, making sure that your knees do not go in front of your toes
  3. Inhale as you squat down, and exhale as you stand back up, keeping your core engaged and back straight as you rise

While these exercises will help improve your spinal health and alleviate back pain, they should be coupled with a treatment plan and regular chiropractic visits. Book your appointment with the talented sports chiropractors at Team Elite today. 

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