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November 3, 2022

How Working With the Padres Has Made Dr. CJ Epstein a Better Sports Chiropractor 

How Working With the Padres Has Made Dr. CJ Epstein a Better Sports Chiropractor 

Dr. CJ Epstein, the Owner and Chiropractor at Team Elite Chiropractic, also serves as the team chiropractor for the San Diego Padres. For over four years, Dr. CJ has provided chiropractic treatments to the Padres players before home games.

Dr. CJ shares how his role with the Padres has made him a better and more well-rounded chiropractor for athletes:

“As chiropractors, we typically work secluded in our practice and setting. However, while working in the treatment room with the Padres, I’m surrounded by 6-7 healthcare professionals. I'm constantly observing the athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists to gain a better understanding of comprehensive care for high-caliber athletes. This has opened up my world to different techniques and modalities for athletes and I’m able to take these insights back to our patients at Team Elite.” 

Team Elite Chiropractic goes beyond the typical adjustments performed by chiropractors to understand each athlete's functional movement as a whole. 

“We aren’t pain-chasers,” says Dr. CJ, “we’re not just focusing on what is painful, we focus on how each athlete moves as a whole. If we can optimize movement, the pain will often go away on its own.” 

Team Elite understands that most athletes lack the time and funds to see a physical therapist, athletic trainer, massage therapist, acupuncturist, and chiropractor separately. 

One of the aspects that sets Team Elite apart from other chiropractors is that they don’t focus solely on adjustments. Although adjustments are an integral part of treatment, they have a variety of tools in the toolbox to address the underlying causes of pain and injuries.

Team Elite performs Functional Movement Assessments on each patient. From this assessment, they will combine expertise from physical therapists, athletic trainers, and massage therapists to create a comprehensive plan far beyond the standard chiropractor adjustment

  • Physical Therapy: each patient receives at-home exercises as part of their treatment plan to speed recovery. 
  • Athletic Training: kinesiology tape and laser therapy are used to reduce pain, promote tissue healing, reduce swelling, decrease inflammation, and speed up recovery. 
  • Massage Therapy: the root cause of pain is often due to tissue affected by scarring, degeneration, tightness, and inflammation. Team Elite incorporates soft tissue work through instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, active release technique, and cupping

All of the chiropractors at Team Elite have the same skills, accreditations, and techniques. Regardless of which chiropractor you see, you can expect the same level of sports-related chiropractic care.

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