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February 3, 2023

Top 5 Mid Back Mobility Exercises

Top 5 Mid Back Mobility Exercises

Written by: Dr. Nathan Jung

The mid back is an important component of our body that has a prominent role in our lives.  Our mid back, otherwise known as the thoracic spine, is the area of our spine between our neck and low back. At every level of activity, whether it’s professional sports or having a desk job, this area of our spine needs to have a great deal of mobility for optimal function. However, due to the regular stressors of life it becomes neglected at times. 

During static postures such as prolonged sitting or standing, the thoracic spine tends to stiffen up throughout the day. This is when daily movements can help to restore joint motion and help free up movement in that part of the spine. On the contrary, activities and exercises that require mid back extension and rotation will need warm up mobility exercises to prepare the thoracic spine for those particular activities and exercises.  Here are my top 5 exercises that should be a staple in every mobility routine and lifestyle.

Foam Roller Thoracic Extensions
Sphinx Rotations
Side-lying Foam Roller Thoracic Rotations
Dowel Prayer Stretch

These exercises can be performed before and after your workouts, throughout your work day, or be a part of your morning or nightly routine. There is no right or wrong of when to do these movements. These are vital movements that should be performed for optimal joint function at the thoracic level. 

Here at Team Elite Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on including these exercises in our care plans to help patients achieve their goals and live a pain-free active lifestyle.

If you are experiencing pain or would like to take your care plan to the next level, please call or schedule an appointment online.

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