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May 3, 2023

What Is Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)?

What Is Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)?

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)?

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) is a system of joint health optimization based on scientific principles and research. This system focuses on developing mobility, joint strength, and body control. 

  • Mobility: The amount of active, usable motion that a person has. The more mobile a person is, the more they can maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Joint Strength: While improving mobility, the FRC® system also protects your joints so that movement can be executed safely.
  • Body Control: FRC® improves the function of our patient’s nervous system, leading to a reduction in pain and injury. It also improves joint health and increases the ability to move freely and easily. 

What Are the Benefits of Functional Range Conditioning?

FRC® helps to improve the mobility of the body and increase load capacity in the joints. It also improves body control, a significant factor in reducing pain and injury, specifically when it comes to athletes and athletic-minded individuals. FRC® is backed by research on optimizing human performance and agility. 

How do Chiropractors Use Functional Range Conditioning?

There are two main categories of exercises that chiropractors incorporate in their treatment plans to leverage Functional Range Conditioning, Controlled Articular Rotation (CARs) and Progressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILS)/Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (RAILs). These exercises are taught to our patients in the office and are incorporated into their take-home treatment plans. 

Controlled Articular Rotation (CARs)

Cervical CARs

Thoracic CARs

Shoulder CARs

Progressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILS) and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (RAILs)

Shoulder External Rotation PAILS/RAILS

90/90 Hip Internal Rotation PAILS/RAILS

90/90 Hip External Rotation PAILS/RAILS


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